Winter Risk Management

Some recent fun in the fluffy stuff. Ride safely: Just like information security on a large corporate network. Want me to explain how to achieve NERC CIP 002-009 compliance, or perhaps avoid HIPAA fines…let’s go skiing. Speaking of tips, when in Vail on a big powder day head for Red Square: Way to go Heath!


Facebook has an interesting trailer of Euphoria, which was just shown at The Senator Theatre in Baltimore: “Euphoria,” a science-based, self-help art film about the authentic pursuit of happiness, is presented by Creative Alliance and Senator Theatre. The film begins by asking “are you happy?” and takes off on a journey through the American landscape—the … Continue reading Euphoria

String of Critical Vulnerabilities

It seems like the vulnerability researchers have gotten over their winter slumber and are back in action. This week has seen a string of critical issues: Aurigma Image Uploader Control Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities. This impacts Facebook and MySpace users (Facebook Photo Uploader Control Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities) Nero Media Player M3U File Processing Buffer … Continue reading String of Critical Vulnerabilities