Digital Photo Gear

Making my lists and checking them twice. I am planning, so far, to take a digital photography kit, a towel, and a change of underwear to the Comoros. I hate to add any extra weight but I might also take a SLR. The digital photo kit includes a laptop with CDR, two sets of four rechargeable AA batteries (NiMH 1600mAh and 1800mAh), a quick-charger, and three 128MB SmartMedia cards (approximately 60 shots each at 3.3Mp — 2048×1536).

Brought to you by Cat Crap

Excellent news: I have located an old Hobie 16 with a trailer in LA. Will be heading south soon to pick it up. Does anyone out there in Internet-land need a Hobie? Please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I may soon end up owning three catamarans and I’ll be forced to actually keep one on the beach.


Also, although I do not advertise, I would like to mention that after years of foggy lenses I can see more clearly now with EK’s “Cat Crap“. I am sure that sounds like a cheesy radio promotion, but I am just happy to be fog-free and wanted to share the joy.

Travel plans, Trailers, and Snort

Flight plans for the Comoros have been set. I still have a few things to take care of for the trip such as Malaria pills. More spectacular weather has made the weekend go by quickly and I feel that before I know it I will be sitting on the black beaches of Nzwani. Some A-class sailors have been sending me information on building a custom trailer. Seems like a good time to start an A-class page. Afan reported excellent news that CERT is using his software (PHPlot) together with Snort for their network intrusion detection.


AuscatYesterday’s wind was light but Julian and I raced the auscats out to mile buoy and back while the sun set in a huge pool of orange and purple stripes. Julian said it looked like someone was painting the sky. The boats are amazingly sensitive, so I discovered that fiddling with mast rotation in light air is a bad idea. Basically, 45 and 90 degrees of rotation are the optimum angles for upwind and downwind respectively. The slumbering seals at the buoy were less than happy to see Julian when he swung close and gave them a big toothy grin. Back on land, here’s the recipe of the day: peanut-butter cookies from



At long last, the first real news entry: The weather has been spectacular this week and the glare of the sun on the ocean makes me happy; if only we had a little more breeze. We were paging through a clothing catalog and came across a spectacular photo from Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. Have to make plans to visit in the spring. More photos finally are ready for upload. Thanks to a cousin for “gently” reminding me that she’s anxious to see more of the family photos. Vlasta, a friend of my parents and sailor from the Czech Republic, came to visit and helped me rig my new mast for the auscat. My travel plans for the Comoros are almost finalized. And I made a few updates to the profile page.