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Virus Causes Firework Explosion

The Oregonian says San Diego accidentally launched its entire Fourth of July firework display in one giant fireball. The $250,000 arsenal was spent in less than a minute.

Garden State Fireworks has apologized, saying they’re working to determine what caused “the entire show to be launched in about 15 seconds.”

August Santore, part-owner in the company, said tens of thousands of fireworks on four barges and a pier had been prepared. But because of a glitch or virus in the computer firing system, they all went off with one command, he said.

“Thank goodness no one was injured. Precautions all worked 100 percent,” Santore said.

I think he means physical precautions. When it comes to the other precautions…they might have worked at a lower percentage.

Also, an explosion like that must have created quite a plume of chemical compounds, as listed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

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  1. Anonymous Coward says

    Sensationalist headline, check: Virus Causes Firework Explosion

    Ignoring parts of statements, check: “because of a glitch or virus in the computer firing system, they all went off with one command, he said”

    Not pointing out the logical, check: It was a programming error/bug.

    I understand you are a security expert.
    But don’t try to angle this as somebody hacking past their firewall wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. The only thing missing is “If they had used us however, this would never have happened)”

    What is more interesting though is the toxicology sheet. Why something like that is even allowed is beyond belief. That company should be heavily fined for what happen, regardless of the reason.

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