How Fixing Howitzers in Ukraine is Like Baking a Cake

When I wrote my first book in 2012, I pitched the publisher on cooking recipes for cloud security.

My vision was that one page would describe how to make an historic meal (such as British Navy spotted dick) and then the rest of the chapter would be cloud technical steps (such as how to setup secure remote administration).

I even presented a test chapter for the RSA Conference in China on how to grill the perfect hamburger, as a recipe for cloud encryption and key management.

Things didn’t turn out quite like I had expected, as the publisher asked to change the title to virtualization, drop the food recipes, and insert a DVD. It felt like preparing a gourmet vegan dessert and being told to stick to the meat and potatoes.


Nonetheless it sticks in my mind as a powerful way to convey the relationship between technology and knowledge.

Food automation tends to be disgusting, even causing illness. Whereas technology augmentation in human cooking, using recipes for quality control and governance, will produce the best possible meal.

Microsoft management clearly didn’t understand basic anthropology of technology because illness just forced them to cancel a massively funded VR program.

The personnel demoing the tech appear to be using a variant of Microsoft HoloLens. The government recently halted plans to buy more “AR combat goggles” from Microsoft, instead approving $40 million for the company to develop a new version. The reversal came after discovering that the current version caused issues like headaches, eyestrain and nausea.

Such a waste of time and money to find out frozen industrialized pseudo food pucks don’t serve well.

It’s like reading people got sick and then discovered a taco MRE wasn’t a taco, just sugar and cornmeal drenched in artificial taco flavors.

See-through augmentation is a whole different thing, as it avoids all the foundational problems of automation (e.g. where to get actual useful nutrition from).

Google glass really blew it on this point. They could have developed an HUD for highly technical work repairing things with both hands.

Of course Google didn’t think like this because their engineers all went straight from elite schools to sitting in a gourmet cafeteria eating free lunches and talking mostly about their exotic vacations.

They’re in a virtual world, the opposite of what’s required for knowledge, let alone innovation. And that’s why their products depend on finding people who really live, who have daily struggles and needs in a real world, to tell them what to engineer.

That’s all background to the main point here that howitzers in Ukraine are proving today what everyone should have been working on for at least the last decade: cooking.

DARPA’s training demos use something more pedestrian: cooking. Dr. Bruce Draper, the program’s manager, describes it as the ideal proxy task. “[Cooking is] a good example of a complex physical task that can be done in many ways. There are lots of different objects, solids, liquids, things change state, so it’s visually quite complex. There is specialized terminology, there are specialized devices, and there’s a lot of different ways it can be accomplished. So it’s a really good practice domain.” The team views PTG as eventually finding uses in medical training, evaluating the competency of medics and other healthcare services.

First you bake a cake together as a team using augmented vision… then you destroy invading armies with it.

Using phones and tablets to communicate in encrypted chatrooms, a rapidly growing group of U.S. and allied troops and contractors is providing real-time maintenance advice — usually speaking through interpreters — to Ukrainian troops on the battlefield. In a quick response, the U.S. team member told the Ukrainian to remove the gun’s breech at the rear of the howitzer and manually prime the firing pin so the gun could fire. He did it and it worked.


I’m not going to claim credit for this obvious future of technology based on ancient wisdom, given there are so many children’s tales saying the same thing.

Ratatouille is probably my favorite, easily digested in movie format.

The real kicker to the howitzer example is the technical teams spell out very precisely in life and death context where augmentation works best and where it fails (hint: Blockchain is a disaster).

As the U.S. and other allies send more and increasingly complex and high-tech weapons to Ukraine, demands are spiking. And since no U.S. or other NATO nations will send troops into the country to provide hands-on assistance — due to worries about being drawn into a direct conflict with Russia — they’ve turned to virtual chatrooms.

I use virtual chatrooms so much I forgot for a minute that they’re virtual.

The Ukrainian troops are often reluctant to send the weapons back out of the country for repairs. They’d rather do it themselves, and in nearly all cases — U.S. officials estimated 99% of the time — the Ukrainians do the repair and continue on. …Ukrainians can now put the split weapon back together. “They couldn’t do titanium welding before, they can do it now,” said the U.S. soldier, adding that “something that was two days ago blown up is now back in play.”

I love this SO MUCH. Right to Repair in a nutshell. Technology dramatically enhances developing markets by sharing knowledge like how to restore that technology in the field.

It’s the awesome Dakar Malle model of efficiency and sustainability that all technology should be put through, instead of lionizing the biggest waste teams.

And now for the main point:

Sometimes video chats aren’t possible. “A lot of times if they’re on the front line, they won’t do a video because sometimes (cell service) is a little spotty,” said a U.S. maintainer. “They’ll take pictures and send it to us through the chats and we sit there and diagnose it.”

Visual diagnosis in real time to bake a highly complicated cake. Including translation for chefs representing 17 nations in a small kitchen.

As they look to the future, they are planning to get some commercial, off-the-shelf translation goggles. That way, when they talk to each other they can skip the interpreters and just see the translation as they speak, making conversations easier and faster.

And I warned you about bockchain.

The expanse of weapons and equipment they’re handling and questions they’re fielding were even too complicated for a digital spreadsheet — forcing the team to go low-tech. One wall in their maintenance office is lined with an array of old-fashioned, color-coded Post-it notes, to help them track the weapons and maintenance needs.

Hope that’s clear. Writing a big blog post about how to share knowledge in the future is hard. Not as hard as a book, obviously, but I definitely could use some augmentation right now

More than anything it’s clear to me without government funded research teams, many tech companies would be utterly and completely lost in expensive dead end navel gazing.

DARPA is asking for developing recipes that really were needed a decade ago, based on assessment of hunger they see right now. While it’s fashionable to call this future thinking to avoid blame, in reality it’s being less ignorant about the present troubles.

Let the Russians desperate for a Chinese MRE eat cake instead, a delicious one right out of the howitzer. Or I believe Molotov in WWII would have called them “bread baskets“.

Vyacheslav Molotov claimed in 1939 the Soviet Union was not dropping bombs on Finland, just airlifting food. The Finns thereafter called RRAB-3 cluster bombs “Molotov’s bread basket” and named an improvised incendiary device (used to counter Soviet tanks) their Molotov cocktail, “a drink to go with the food.”

Hundreds of Brand New Teslas Are Piling Up In Junk Yards

Barely a scratch. This junkyard Tesla is ready for a new devoted owner.
Many times this week people have asked if I heard about the spontaneous Tesla fire near Sacramento.

Yes, of course.

The fire department said yet another Tesla just burst into flames without warning, I mean a warning other than the badge on the hood.

It’s all over the news and for good reason, even while the Vancouver fire is barely being reported. Tesla is a fraud, a rolling death trap. It’s nice people ask me about it, but something else has been on my mind lately.

I ask them all in return if they know how many Tesla go from the dealer to the junk yard with almost no miles.

Nobody has said yes.

I’ve written about it before here, and some of my security talks since 2016 have been based on this state of disaster, not to mention others.

Using a salvaged Tesla Model 3 purchased at auction last year, researchers discovered all of the mobile devices that had been paired to the car, as well as phone numbers and email addresses from those devices. It discovered that it was owned by a construction company in the Boston area, the last six dozen addresses entered into the navigation and video footage from the crash that sent it to the junkyard. That was from one of the many cameras in Teslas that owners have often said they don’t know when they’re actually on. And, according to the business news network, it’s somewhat difficult for even owners to clear that data off of their Tesla.

My first (and last) ludicrous ride was using a Tesla pulled from a junk yard to be reverse engineered; its “driverless” system was exposed and audited (to predict reliably whether Tesla would kill many people, which it has done). It’s probably this hands-on junkyard experience a decade ago that had the most impact on my view of the vehicle as dangerous to society.

Nonetheless, since people are still surprised today, I’ll say it again.

No, even better, I’ll let someone else explain:

Of more than 120 Model Ys that were totaled after collisions, then listed at auction in December and early January, the vast majority had fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer, according to online data from Copart and IAA, the two largest salvage auction houses in the United States. The retail prices of those cars ranged from about $60,000 to more than $80,000.

How many $60,000 or higher vehicle brands so regularly fail to get more than 10,000 miles on their odometer?

Don’t forget this car company boasted to investors at launch it would be the safest of all.

Here’s even more detail.

An Austin-built 2022 Model Y Long Range involved in a front collision and listed by IAA in early January had a retail price of $61,388 and estimated repair cost of $50,388. The vehicle’s owner was not listed. A second Austin-built Model Y, involved in a side collision and listed by IAA, had a retail price of $72,667 and estimated repair cost of $43,814.

What a bunch of regressive environmentally toxic junk.

I remember the Audi A8 warning about its special construction (“space frame” introduced 1994), which meant a nightmare repair unless the owner had access to certified aluminum welders. Tesla took an exact opposite approach by falsely promoting its extremely high cost vehicle as a long term investment and the huge losses have been… sadly predictable.

There are many simple explanations for why Tesla is again proven to be a total fraud.

Most notable is a CEO preying on fear to inflate his ego (stock value). As soon as he heard people had fears of crashing (related to a Tesla owner suing the company), he started to falsely promise the world year after year his cars can avoid a crash.

He used really, really targeted social engineering attacks and not just some bland exaggeration.

People said drivers who fall asleep kill and Tesla’s CEO jumped on the tragedy to suggest people go ahead and fall asleep in his cars… which obviously killed them and/or others.

It’s been an absurd lie since 2013, absolutely proven false since at least 2016, yet people still buy the car on his word because they want to believe it can’t be a lie.

People crash as soon as they start driving the catch-me-if-you-can lying clown car. Oh, but isn’t there a boiler plate warning that tells people the opposite of what the CEO says?

Risk research suggests the boiler plate warning when coupled with the exaggerated lies of the CEO are far worse than if there was no warning at all. It’s perhaps counter intuitive, but studies show either the CEO has to stop lying or the warnings have to be removed; the combination of the two is the most dangerous because people are primed to ignore warnings.

In Nigeria the advance fee fraud criminals say they don’t feel sorry for their victims. The line generally goes that if the victim hadn’t believed in a better life, hadn’t taken the bait of safety promises, then they wouldn’t have lost everything… so the liars say it’s their victim’s fault for believing in a liar.

That’s the Tesla fraud.

Second, the car is designed and engineered so poorly it crashes often. There is copious evidence of workplace fraud and shortcuts that weaken safety, even worker abuse in factories… lists of basic manufacturing failures that are endless.

A culture of abuse and pollution.

I’ve called the results of this the Tesla Pole Position — meaning they are being credited with 10 out of 10 deaths — because their “best” engineering keeps abruptly slamming directly into poles.

Nissan (early mover advantage in EV) and Mercedes (early mover advantage in driverless) both far exceed the late-comer (1997 TZero knock-off) Tesla in quality and safety. Economy or luxury, Tesla is the worst.

Did you know Nissan runs nearly the same number of cars as Tesla on the road using “driverless” software, yet Nissan had ZERO crashes to report to regulators?

That’s quality.

Tesla’s software by comparison has had so many bugs and fatalities from crashes we’re having to start a count of graveyards. It stands alone as an EV lacking hardware innovation (2012 model S is the same today, nobody wants one, and its look-alike derivatives have only gotten worse with time).

Third, high repair cost is not rocket science. Tesla is literally saying in 2023 that they are realizing bumpers could be designed for better parts availability and lower cost for minor repairs.

I refer you again to the Audi A8 that was honest about its engineering, warning people to not buy the car if they planned to inexpensively repair things.

Ten years ago people would grab a wrecked Tesla, hack them back together and put them out as rogue vehicles (disconnected from Tesla). Then people realized just how much Tesla sucks overall, and they moved the Tesla’s TZero guts to project cars. Now, there’s not really a point to either. It’s a disposable landfill nightmare.

Tesla is just a terrible company that struggles to deliver more than 10,000 miles without a catastrophic event. Hundreds of vehicles showing up like this is NOT explained by a bad driver or a patch of road.

Although, to be fair, Tesla’s brand does attract people who don’t want to drive and are likely bad drivers. That goes back to my first point, though.

Bottom line, while spontaneous fire is a regular Tesla fact, the even bigger picture is that the whole company is a raging dumpster fire.

We’re not talking enough about the systemic flaws in risk management within this third rate mediocre car company. It simply doesn’t make a product safe or reliable enough for mass market. Worse, it knows its safety warnings are seriously flawed and undermined by its own marketing.

Tesla is basically the sad lawn dart of the car industry.

It should be banned.

Florida Crash: Falling Below 20 Other U.S. States for Retirement

It’s true, Florida is crashing on the retirement ranking scale. And it’s not hard to see why. The Governor of Florida pledged in his recent election campaign to wage a Christian nationalist (Coughlin fascist) crusade to destroy or hold back non-white prosperity, setting the state back as if the American Civil War never ended (let alone the 1835 Seminole Rebellion).

Source: American propaganda leaflet distributed by domestic terror groups on how to appropriate Mexican fashion and religion (e.g. Nazis appropriated the Hindu swastika) to infiltrate U.S. politics. Click to enlarge

From banning speech and books to stuffing boards with tinpot dictators tasked with censoring American values, it’s clear Florida also is pandering to foreign military interference. Here’s how it was framed by the federal government.

Today I want to take a little bit of time to discuss some new actions that we are going to be taking to counter the Russian private military company known as Wagner, which is committing atrocities and human rights abuses in Ukraine and, of course, elsewhere around the world. […] It is — it is incomprehensible that — to see that this is what this ban — or this block, to be more specific, that [the Governor of Florida] has put forward. If you think about the study of Black Americans, that is what he wants to block.

The connection I’m highlighting here isn’t as far as some would hope, a repeat of history. Here’s how it was framed by religious leaders.

“…using the name of Jesus, holy scripture and worship music to promote a partisan political agenda and personal business interests.”

Highly un-American political moves have been rammed through Florida against public opinion because of one reason: record-breaking funding from outside groups like it’s 1940 again.

In other words, America First (domestic hate group linked to foreign enemies) having being defeated in both World Wars obviously isn’t a lesson Americans learned well enough yet to prevent another rise.

In actual fact, in WWII it was study of Black history that America warned differentiated itself from Nazi Germany. That’s why today’s fascists in Florida are so confidently banning study of Black history, in an attempt to align with the wrong side of history.

US war-time anti-fascism posters encouraged Americans to read about black history and culture.

1944 seditious conspiracy is the operative context for what the Governor of Florida sounds like in terms of history — an infamously racist and hate-filled Senator Robert Taft of today.

It’s not even that the Florida governor is wrong when he argues America was founded for white men to be in control (why General Robert “butcher” Lee infamously killed so many Americans). American Revolutionary War was about profit, NOT liberty. Florida was illegally invaded (by the corrupt serial-liar Andrew Jackson) to deny emancipation of Black Americans in a bald-faced plan to create a white police state. It’s that this issue has been settled before, multiple times, with massive loss of life.

After President Grant won the Civil War, and then crushed the KKK in politics, the late 1800s serial losers rebranded as a Christian nationalist “America First” platform in 1915

You’d be forgiven for not recognizing Horatio Seymour above, the KKK’s candidate for President before Woodrow Wilson achieved that goal in 1912.

But who remembers Taft?

1946 was not so very long ago and the man was wrong, VERY wrong. See the problem here?

TAFT CONDEMNS HANGING FOR NAZIS AS UNJUST VERDICT… Nuremberg was a miscarriage of justice which the American people would long regret.

It’s like the Nazi-loving Taft is back again and nobody seems to remember why he should be headed to jail instead of allowed to “represent” local extremists by aligning to foreign hate groups.

[Taft’s] views were shared by many within the US political establishment… “Southerners will never accept African-Americans as a race of people with the same intelligence, education, and social skills as white people of the South. As a representative of the American people, I want to say that what is happening in Nuremberg, Germany, is a disgrace to the United States. Two and a half years after the end of the war in Nuremberg, the racial minority [have] hanged German soldiers…” …notorious racists and anti-Semites, who shared reactionary views and were influential in United States politics, stuck up for the Nazis.

Translation of Taft’s greatest fear: if German soldiers can be hanged by “the racial minority”, what’s to stop America from hanging its own Nazis? Obvious answer: Don’t be a Nazi.

The Florida Governor’s Russian immigrant base, not to mention their allegiance to a foreign leader, is thus being well served by overt corruption in local politics. Such toxic and regressive political antics (downright un-American return to Taft’s love of Nazism) is direct cause for a plummeting Florida retirement ranking, with no sign of improving.

And that’s probably their goal, as they try to turn it into New Russia.

According to our analysis and methodology, there were 20 states that ranked above Florida. This includes Arkansas, Texas, and Maine.


Apparently it’s easier to shovel Maine snow than the BS of Florida Nazism. Source: Bangor Daily News. “Dan Wagner shoveled a path to a friend’s house. The record-breaking 6 feet of snow the Down East Maine community has received in the last few weeks has strained the local infrastructure, but not the neighborliness of the town, residents said.”

You know when a freezing cold no-sunshine tundra called Maine ranks above Florida for retirement, it’s time for a massive correction if not intervention.

Ukraine is dealing with the problem right now that America should far better prepare for on its own soil. Florida has become a fascist beach head… again.

Source: “The Eight Nazi Saboteurs…
Should be Put to Death”, Life Magazine 1942

Tesla Owners Embarrassed As They Find Out How Much Better Other Cars Are

I’ve mentioned this before, and now it’s headline news. Pretty simple to see that people who bought Tesla never should have, and are lucky it didn’t kill them.

When I got the second Tesla, I got Full Self-Driving and was very disappointed. I didn’t trust it, because I had scares several times when I was trying to use it. I was in the car one time with my husband and it was behaving so erratically that he finally put his foot down and said: “Stop using it. It’s dangerous.” So I didn’t use it anymore, even though I paid extra for it. Musk has been bragging about Full Self-Driving forever, and it’s still in beta. Basically, the customers are the ones who are testing his software for him. It’s wrong that we’re guinea pigs for advancing his products.

Her husband saved her life. Tesla’s full of shit driving (FSD) software has been cited as responsible for 10 out of 10 road fatalities.

It’s also sad to hear how embarrassed owners are as they realize just how much they’ve been lied to by Tesla.

Finally my husband said, “Have you looked at the Mercedes?” So I started looking into the EQS and saw what its range was: It was about 350 miles, which is about equivalent to what my Model S had. So I went to take a look at it and was super impressed with the quality of the car. It was amazing. I was embarrassed to have the Mercedes-Benz rep go into the Model S to get its mileage, as the EQS is so much more refined. It was that much of a difference.

Did anyone else get the impression that her husband really knows cars? He must have had the patience of a saint to deal with his “obsessive” spouse falling for Tesla fraud, twice.

In a nutshell people are social engineered on fear. Someone afraid of climate change, for example, would be laser targeted by Elon Musk to become “obsessed” with his criminally simple saccharin lies.

…like making Big Macs a mandatory part of all grade-school lunches because the CEO of McDonald’s says he dreams of the Big Mac one day preventing cancer.

Props to that husband for having a clue, turning things around with some very basic car facts. Clearly he couldn’t block the abuse of his spouse. I’ve written before many times about how hard it is to detect and prevent Tesla’s social engineering attacks on society (advanced fee fraud).

Mercedes, which I have zero affinity for in any way, is absolutely leaving Tesla in the dust for very good reason. Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

Once again I see knobs and buttons also get the nod for feeling luxurious, as everyone finally comes around to understand why touchscreen dashboards are a nightmare. You’d think this one was obvious enough for a decade but it’s becoming a theme now.

The adaptive cruise control is so well-tuned compared to the Tesla. It’s really smooth. The physical buttons are amazing. In a Tesla, to turn on the A/C and change the speed, you literally have to go through multiple steps by pressing the touchscreen. It was just ridiculous. Going over speed bumps, you don’t feel like you’re bumping along in a truck — it’s smooth. The suspension and sound insulation are amazing. The quality of the sound system is really superior.

Every car expert says don’t drive while distracted because high danger, yet Tesla designed their entire cockpit as if dangerously distracted driving would deliver a “thrill”.

Idiots. So many unnecessary deaths.

Whether measuring safety, comfort, style, performance, tech innovation… there’s no reason anyone should ever buy another Tesla.

Musk hasn’t improved himself in any way, just like his sad cars, yet many people only now have started to realize what an extremely dangerous fraud he really is.

A leaked internal Twitter message appears to show that Elon Musk directly ordered staff to suspend a left-wing activist’s account on the social-media platform. Bloomberg said it viewed a screenshot of the message in question, involving the account of Chad Loder, which read: “Suspension: direct request from Elon Musk.” […] J.M. Berger, an expert on social-media extremism, previously told Insider: “I think he’s intentionally empowering right-wing extremists.”

Tesla works hard now to appeal most to people who hate people, as if to become a death trap on purpose. They’ve become notably worse than just social engineering attacks to profit on climate change fears.

It’s simple enough to say that these things are broken-down death machines that have no business on the road, and that in an even marginally functional society the choice about whether to put them there would not reside with a shitposting imbecile like Elon Musk.

It’s very intentionally made itself into the most fascist and regressive brand possible today, which is a truly strange goal when you know anything about Mercedes (let alone Ford) history.

EV sales across all brands are surging, seen as clean, while Tesla runs like a dirty Trabant in reverse — fraud exposed more and more as toxic regression.

…demand for electric vehicles continued to grow and they accounted for almost a fifth of new car sales.

You can easily buy better cars, and nobody should admit to liking a hate brand, but also you have to ask why should the Tesla safety fraud even be allowed on roads.

Hate Group Pressures American School Library to Censor Holocaust

Policies at an American school are being driven by a “Christian” law group of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which is part of the national Family Research Council extremist hate group.

A librarian reportedly was surprised when censors used the policies to threaten him.

A new policy banning educators from “advocacy activities” in the Central Bucks School District is already causing confusion and frustration over what that could entail.

Central Bucks South High School librarian Matt Pecic said on Wednesday a principal told him to take down four posters with a quote from Elie Wiesel, a world-renowned Holocaust survivor and author. According to Pecic, the principal said the poster violated the new policy.

Pecic, who has worked in the district for 31 years, was told the posters had to go, or Human Resources would be contacted. Pecic said it was his understanding there would be “consequences” if not followed.

So Pecic removed the posters, telling WHYY News he felt “powerless.”

“If I didn’t take it down, I knew there would be consequences that could impact me,” he said.

“It’s a horrible feeling. And you feel like you have to do something that you don’t agree with,” Pecic added.

The posters had warned “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”. Censorship of them predictably turned into public condemnation of the school for tormenting its librarian and students.

This school already was under investigation for “creating a hostile learning environment“.

One peculiarly alarming detail is that school administrators said unless they are given a list of exact names to identify anyone alleging abuse, they will make it unsafe for students suspected of alleging abuse.

Another alarming detail is the PR firm Devine and Partners was hired by the school to throw a librarian under the bus with an obvious non-sequitur.

The district’s outside public relations firm, Devine and Partners, released a statement alleging the librarian was “asked by the administration to present the quote in conjunction with Mr. Wiesel’s book in order to promote educational inquiry and student interest in reading the novel, or to take it down. We regret that the decision was made to remove it.”

We have told you to remove the poster, which we will regret if you remove the poster?

That’s quite the gaslit PR position, reminiscent of Kristallnacht.

And what part of a library poster with Mr. Wiesel’s name next to a quote doesn’t rise to the requirement of a promoting educational inquiry in a book by that author?

The school should get its taxpayer money back.

And on that note, what’s with a school issuing hot take down orders on Holocaust posters near International Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Maybe if the school had listened to their librarian, even put the guy in charge, they’d actually learn a thing or two about what “promote educational inquiry and student interest” really means. Censorship is a backwards and upside down way to get there.

Clearly this school is under the sway of some very wealthy and powerful American groups apparently setup (hello Texas) to block education as they torment children, parents and educators.

Cannon was a vocal member of a Facebook group called Moms for Liberty Bucks County PA. Moms for Liberty is a national group that fights for book censorship. When she ran for school board, she and two other candidates were endorsed by the right-wing Proud American Patriots Network. The PAPN was linked with the Three Percenters movement, a right-wing militia group. If you thought Cannon’s fringe ideas and connections would make her unelectable … you’d be wrong.

Canon, while touting her membership in a domestic terror group, has used the backwards and upside down logic tactic extensively.

She claims for example that censoring representation or symbols of the groups she doesn’t like will make them feel her environment is more inclusive of them. That’s exactly backwards, naturally. Nothing says being excluded like having your posters and symbols taken down.

Meanwhile, she posts on Facebook as Debra Theresa to spread motivational quotes from “Adolf Hitler”:

Source: Facebook

Local news has reported her sentiments very dryly as common for the time and area.

As Pennsylvania life languished in the early days of the pandemic and most people stayed home, vandals left their mark in Philadelphia. The graffiti in March 2020 included multiple swastikas and other symbols of hate, including the white supremacist symbol “1488” that partially pledges allegiance to Hitler. […] The 238 incidents involving white supremacist propaganda in Pennsylvania put it in the top eight states with the most activity, coming behind Texas…

And they point out also it’s no accident we’re talking about schools as a political battleground for such “vandals”.

More than 96% of teachers are white, and more than half of Pennsylvania schools have no teachers of color, according to state data.

Pennsylvania schools run by extremist hate groups, especially those targeting LGBTQ, is something to reflect on this 78th Holocaust memorial weekend.

Thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people were arrested and thrown into camps during Adolf Hitler’s 1933-1945 dictatorship, based on anti-homosexuality laws that preceded and outlasted the Nazi era.

Outlasted is an understatement.