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Hacking Back Part II

In my last blog on “Hacking Back” I asked is it legal, ethical, and do I have a right to defend my network against yours? Well, I believe it is legal and ethical, and absolutely, I have the right under “self-defense” to defend my network from being attacked by yours, even if you do not know that your network is attaching mine!

Obviously if I know who you are and can contact you I would be obligated to do so. This scenario assumes I have no idea where the attack is coming from.

When considering hacking, hack back, self-defense in cyber space, etc., you must consider the fact that everything happens literally at the speed of light. So, saying I must contact law enforcement, collect evidence, and go to court is the same as saying “just accept it, and hope to recover all of your losses from a court, even if your company has since been put out of business.”

Here is my next question for comments:

Does anyone wish to argue that if their network has been compromised by hackers and is attacking others without their knowledge, the party or parties they are attacking have NO right to take action to stop those attacks?

My hacking back article can be found on Titan Info Security Group under white papers.