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Rain Kills Tesla Cybertruck: Over Three Hours Stuck, Waiting for Dry Weather

Just more of the usual news about the “extreme survivability” design of the Cybertruck failing to handle basic weather.

One owner in Florida said a downpour occurred shortly after picking up his truck last week. Of course, the wiper didn’t work, so he resorted to waiting at a local Dunkin’ Donuts until the rain passed—for three-and-a-half hours. That’s a lot of Munchkins and mocha. Roadside assistance transferred him to the service center, which gave him a multi-week timeframe. In the meantime, Rain-X and driving with his head out of the window has been his recourse.

Sitting duck for over three hours. Or the window has to be rolled down on an “extreme survivability” truck with the owner’s head sticking out?

This window?

Ford demonstrates their Pinto safety design

Armored window failures were foreshadowing.

As a result of this rapidly growing rain design failure, according to a slew of customers loudly complaining with online forums, all Cybertruck orders were abruptly shutdown last Friday with indefinite delays or no explanations at all.

Tesla’s auto wipers are known to start when they shouldn’t and don’t start when they should. The Cybertruck’s wipers were doing that, but they were also starting and stopping at the bottom rather than at the top position and just staying there.

Because of drops of water, no “survivability” trucks are being delivered.

The Tesla engineering team literally doesn’t understand weather.

The Cybertruck design flaw is so awful, so intentionally broken, that the manual apparently tells new owners to expect not to be able to see the road for 30 seconds while driving.

Quick math on back of napkin… a mile every minute means going 88 feet/second; driving 60 mph in rain for 30 seconds is 2,640ft — half-a-mile blind.

Is it a joke? Tesla clearly says that they have delivered owners no visibility for 30 seconds “while driving in the rain”, by design.

“Snake” CEO Lies for a Decade: Elon Musk Promised Robotic Cables in 2014 and Promised Them Again in 2020

For some reason in 2014 Elon Musk decided to promise the world that Tesla would deliver robotic charging cables, which were called a “snake“.

They never happened, despite a shameless Tesla PR stunt posting a video in 2015 claiming they were real.

In 2016 some people tried very hard not to forget a “snake” was ever promised to them.

So then… nothing. No “snake” but in 2020 Elon Musk promised them again, more emphatically lying by saying their “snake” concept was real and even would enable cars with no humans to drive across America.


Of course there’s no “snake” at all and Tesla was incredibly stupid to not use a socket design for charging stations.

Here we are a decade later.

Snake? No.

The significance of this robot can’t be understated. It is the kind of robot that is manifestly simpler than an entire car being driverless. Tesla couldn’t figure out the “snake” so it really sets the context for all these other CEO promises of something far more complicated during the same exact period.

  • 2015 December 22: “I think we will have complete autonomy in approximately two years.
  • 2016 January 11: “In ~2 years, summon should work anywhere, connected by land & not blocked by borders.
  • 2016 June 02: “I really consider autonomous driving a solved problem. I think we are less than two years away from complete autonomy.
  • 2016 October 20: “By the end of next year, said Musk, Tesla would demonstrate a fully autonomous drive from, say, a home in L.A., to Times Square… without the need for a single touch, including the charging.
  • 2017 April 30: “I think that [time to deliver technology to allow Tesla drivers to fall asleep] is about two years.
  • 2018 November 15: “Probably technically be able to [have Tesla cars drive themselves to new customers for delivery] in about a year.
  • 2019 February 20: “We will be feature complete full self driving this year. The car will be able to find you in a parking lot, pick you up, take you all the way to your destination without an intervention this year. I’m certain of that.
  • 2020 July 09: “I remain confident that we will have the basic functionality for level five autonomy complete this year. There are no fundamental challenges remaining.
  • 2020 December 05: “I’m extremely confident that Tesla will have level five next year, extremely confident, 100%.

None of that was true. None of it. Complete autonomy? Level five? Tesla can’t even get their “snake” to work.

Do you see why failing to deliver a basic robot to automate charging, while claiming to be on the road to do so much more in automation, really stands out as testament to why Tesla can’t deliver?

During the Q1 Earnings Call in 2020, Musk described his idea for the Robotaxi’s imminent rollout in 2021.

Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

Dominion Voting Systems Incorrectly Counted Numbers for Puerto Rico Elections

Paper trail to the rescue, as 6,000 U.S. made voting machines allegedly just had a massive integrity breach:

The problem stemmed from a software issue that caused machines supplied by Dominion Voting Systems to incorrectly calculate vote totals, said Jessika Padilla Rivera, the commission’s interim president.

While no one is contesting the results from the June 2 primary that correctly identify the winners, machine-reported vote counts were lower than the paper ones in some cases, and some machines reversed certain totals or reported zero votes for some candidates.


  • 2019: Computer “Glitch” Blamed for Election Miscount

    Officials said a problem associated with new voting machines necessitated a recount by the county

  • 2006: More Florida Voting Machine Hijinks

    Election officials say they aren’t aware of any serious voting issues… because there’s no process for poll workers to quickly report minor issues and no central database of machine problems.

  • 2006: Diebold v. Felton (again)

    “I don’t trust that,” U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) said. “This is Chicago. This is Cook County. We created vote fraud, vote scandal and stealing votes. We created that mechanism. It became an art form.”

  • 2004: Pwning Presidential Voting Machines in Ohio

    The system appears to have been under-built and then, as the final tally was run, it switched processing over to an unmonitored and insecure location in a different state operated by a company with a close association to the winning candidate.

  • 1855: Le Marais du Cygne

    On March 30th thousands of proslavery militants rode into Kansas to overrun polling places and poison voting systems, stuffing ballots and terrorizing actual Kansans; a flood of proslavery Missourians ruptured the Kansas political process.

CA Tesla Kills One: Crashes Into Scooter From Behind

Similar to the many other cases of Tesla driverless failing to see motorcycles and killing riders, this one just ran over a scooter like it was designed to kill.

Around 2:54 a.m., CHP officers responded to a call of a crash involving a motorist and a pedestrian just south of Taylor Street. The pedestrian, a 23-year-old from San Jose, was actually riding a Lime brand scooter, authorities said; he was northbound on the freeway before he was hit by a 2021 Tesla, which was also traveling north.

The scooter rider was pronounced dead at the scene.

This 24 year old Tesla owner, likely asleep at 3 a.m. on a highway while driving at high speed from behind over a scooter, has so far not been charged with vehicular homicide.

Related, a driver in Los Angeles has been criminally charged for the same crash as this one, running over a motorcycle from behind… before a Tesla FSD ignored flares, reflective signs and flashing lights to crash into a Police car at the scene.

In other words, suspected DUI now should be seen as equivalent to suspected FSD because Tesla is fraud — robot design as blind and deadly as seriously impaired drivers.

At the time of the crash… driving at more than 100 mph toward a red light without slowing down, prosecutors said.

That sounds exactly like the Tesla robot design to me, since it’s become notorious for ignoring red lights and running over and into people.