Russian Attacks Are Severely Hurting Russia

We maybe should start by looking at the long-stated offensive position of Russia itself, that Ukraine is not a country. It’s a variation of the offensive position of the Russian leader that wives and children aren’t people. …domestic violence have increased by 133% in Yekaterinburg – the fourth largest city in Russia – after President … Continue reading Russian Attacks Are Severely Hurting Russia

Twitter’s “Ghost of Kyiv” Campaign

Task & Purpose offers readers an analysis of a war campaign running on Twitter …with six air-to-air kills, the heroic pilot of a Ukrainian MiG-29 became the first air combat ace over European soil since World War II. They call him ‘the Ghost of Kyiv’…real enough — for now. The “real enough” morale-boosting aspect of … Continue reading Twitter’s “Ghost of Kyiv” Campaign