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At long last, the first real dynamicly published news entry: The weather has been spectacular this week and the glare of the sun on the ocean makes me happy; if only we had a little more breeze. We were paging through a clothing catalog and came across a spectacular photo from Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. Have to make plans to visit in the spring. More photos finally are ready for upload. Thanks to a cousin for “gently” reminding me that she’s anxious to see more of the family photos. Vlasta, a friend of my parents and sailor from the Czech Republic, came to visit and helped me rig my new mast for the auscat. My travel plans for the Comoros are almost finalized. And I made a few updates to the profile page.

New photos

Photos are reformatted and all now are back to being served locally instead of using a Flickr or similar “service” website. Having someone else host the photos was attractive for a minute, but really so much worse than self publishing.

At first it felt like my ideas were being published by a large entity, perhaps a feeling of legitimacy; as if I had written something and a big newspaper put my thoughts into their big pages. When in reality it became more like I couldn’t see my own thoughts, my words didn’t exist, without asking someone else for permission.