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BBC halts Blackberry use

The Guardian reported today that RIM (of Blackberry fame) had to resolve an “obscure bug”, which caused the BBC to suspended use of the mobile devices due to security concerns:

“Siemens, which provides the IT backbone for the BBC’s email system, was asked to close the Blackberry network last week after a Creative Futures senior management awayday at which users compared emails and discovered they were receiving messages not intended for them. The decision left around 300 BBC executives and programme makers frantically checking their ‘sent’ folders to make sure they had not inadvertently betrayed any confidences or criticised colleagues. Insiders said that while some of the rogue emails were potentially embarrassing, there were no serious leaks.”

Security flaw gets prisoners early parole

Here’s an interesting case of errors in an unchecked data-input process, discovered by the Michigan State Auditor General. The story appeared on The Register, which was kind enough to link to the original news story posted by

“A flaw in computer programming caused State jails to release 8 prisoners anywhere from 39-161 days early, prisoners who were doing time for everything from embezzlement and drugs to bad check writing…A followup study by the Department of Corrections found 15 more prisoners who were either let out early or late.”

From there I found the actual audit document itself on the Michigan Office of the Auditor General, available as Report Number 47-591-04

As it turns out, Michigan’s Auditors are on a roll. A BNA report published earlier this year noted that Michigan voter and drivers’ license databases were improperly secured for seven years:

“The Michigan Auditor General found, in a report issued March 18, that the state’s security methods were not effective in protecting voting and driver’s license databases from potential hackers between 1997 and June 30, 2004 (Mich. Aud. Gen. Report No. 23-591-04)”

McDonalds posts fat facts

Why would McDonalds bother?

The Chief Exec is quoted by the BBC: “We’ve given them what they asked for and then people take responsibility about whether they add it up or not add it up.”

Did consumers demand this information prior to “Fast Food Nation” and “Supersize Me”, or more importantly prior to the lawsuit that claimed fast food companies are liable for customers with eating disorders? Does the corporation perceive more risk now (from not providing the information) compared to when they first adopted the current recipes/ingredients?