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Why Agile Sucks

Insightful and humorous thoughts on development. His argument is to not blame the tool, blame the tool users…

Yesterday I tried to cut my steak with a spoon and that goddam spoon sucked-ass. Why the hell would anybody ever use a spoon for anything? They are completely useless!


People tend to inaccurately think that ‘potentially shippable software‘ means just build some shit and see what happens. Not the case.

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  1. John Quincy says

    I love the spoon analogy, and I’ll be using it. It’s been my experience that any true development (i.e. more than a toy project like an iPhone app) quickly surfaces all the shortcomings of SCRUM — and there are too many shortcomings to name here.

    This video, although hilarious, has a serious message. It shows why companies are choosing to waste money on Agile:


  2. alt-f4 says

    This is what agile is like:

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