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Identification of Oakland Riot Police

The Easy Bay Express has an interesting article that tries to identify officers involved in protests by reviewing footage for unique markings on their uniform.

Two stripes and a star, OPD’s insignia for acting sergeants, are visible on the officer’s left sleeve. In both clips, the officer is holding his shotgun with his right hand on the trigger, his helmet visor is up and the numbers “35” are visible on his helmet. According to an OPD roster of the three-digit helmet numbers assigned to individual officers and the personnel detail for October 25, Officer Robert Roche is the only one with a helmet number beginning with “35” who was assigned to a Tango Team that night. Roche’s helmet number that night was “357,” according to OPD records.


Sergeant Chris Bolton, chief of staff to Police Chief Howard Jordan, said the investigation into the [October 25, Marine veteran Scott] Olsen incident is ongoing. “Any known or alleged uses of force against Mr. Olsen are assigned to an independent investigator,” Bolton said in a statement. “Based on available video, photographs, and reports, the department has identified several officers that they are subjects of those open investigations.” Bolton added, however, that “no investigative findings or discipline have been announced or imposed.”

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