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Tweets from Gaza

Reporters are rushing into Gaza to report. Their first words are appearing real-time via Twitter. I noticed this Tweet from @erinmcunningham, for example.

I couldn’t help but see the raw material perfect for a haiku. With a little editing I came up with this:

Inland from the sea
Just heard #Gaza explosion
Roar of F16s

One of the curious elements of live reporting is that much of it, on its own, is anecdotal and unverified. “I heard an explosion” is like saying “something just happened” and then we end up waiting on details that could never come. Loud unexpected noise is unnerving. Without details the report is what they are feeling more than what may be happening; it is easy to come to various conclusions. Perhaps in the near future the mobile video/audio devices will not only be Tweeting text but also incorporate real-time data on how many db was an explosion, the visual effects, etc.. Until then, poetic interpretation may be the best the public can get when we look for immediate reports.

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