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46mpg 4WD Toyota RAV4

I seem to be helping a lot of friends find new vehicles and I just noticed a D-4D Diesel Engine for the RAV4:

Urban mpg 31.7

Extra-Urban mpg 46.3

Combined mpg 39.8

4WD, compact and high mpg. Sounds ideal for someone I am helping right now. Too bad they would have to go somewhere else in the world to buy one.

Meanwhile, back in America people wax poetic about new cars pushing 26 mpg. Please, forget anything under 35 mpg. A model T in the 1920s could get high 20s in mileage. GM is sorely mistaken if it thinks 26 mpg is newsworthy while other car companies are releasing full-size vehicles with numbers closer to 50 and even 60.

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