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McCain pays for blog spam

Maybe I should not call it spam. Craig calls it astroturf in his blog post called Official McCain effort to reward astroturfing:

Looks like the Bush people pulling McCain’s strings are officially asking people to post false info on discussion boards in return for points.


Did I mention I’m really tired of cleaning up the mess?

Ha ha, you and me both although I obviously have zero volume to worry about compared to abuse of a mega-site like craigslist.

It seems to me this is just the beginning for folks who consider blog-spam a “win” — the kind of people who pollute with abandon and then say how much they love the environment for absorbing their waste. A”win” to them means a few people get a joy ride while the rest of us get the tab. I guess the question is whether the “talking points” would ever make it on their own, without a points/incentive system, and/or whether the points system invites a less desirable crowd (mercenaries, if you will).

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