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On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (In-Use) Regulation

Ok, I’ll just say it. I am a huge fan of regulation of diesel. One only has to look at the amazing new diesel technology developments coming from companies like Caterpillar, Audi, VW, Subaru, Honda, and Mercedes to realize that regulation is the environment and consumers’ friend.

Although there are serious economic impact considerations and the wording of regulation should not be taken lightly, California’s new On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (In-Use) Regulation is a HUGE step in the right direction. This needs support:

The Air Resources Board (ARB) staff is developing a regulation to reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) and other emissions from in-use heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles operating in California. A proposed regulation is planned to be presented to the Air Resources Board in December 2008. The proposed regulation would apply to diesel shuttle buses, vehicles greater than 14,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and does not include pickups.

If you disagree, then I would suggest you explain why/how to improve the regulation. Lack of regulation is a mistake and fear of poor regulation is a weak/lazy excuse.

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  1. Jon says

    I am all for the general prinicpal, however, it might be noted that we are running near dead last in a slow financial recovery… can’t figure out why now. If I was an elected official, I would wake up thinking of the millions of unemployed, and how to retain the businesses we have and build on that, rather than how to make it more difficult to compete with the rest of the country/world. I wonder what our financial picture would look like if ALL our legislators woke up asking themselves “what can I do for the guy who is not working today” for 1 year, with the exception of life safety issues… Just a thought. IE I want to buy a used truck from government auction to start a leaf collection business… but it can’t be sold in California. Anybody else in the other 49 states can start their business on a shoestring… but not here in CA. So I remain w/o work.

  2. Davi Ottenheimer says

    Jon, this is for heavy vehicles run by large orgs. Older trucks do not have to be replaced until 2015. Even if it applied to you it has an exemption or extension clause. Your situation obviously was considered and there appear to be accomodations on the state information page.

    The regulation applies to nearly all privately and federally owned diesel fueled trucks and buses and to privately and publicly owned school buses with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 14,000 pounds. Small fleets with 3 or fewer diesel trucks can delay compliance for heavier trucks by reporting and there are a number of extensions for low-mileage construction trucks, early PM filter retrofits, adding cleaner vehicles, and other situations.

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