Police Seize Assault Rifles From Oregon Nazi Convicted of Hate Speech

An Oregon man convicted of hate crimes had his big expensive stash of fancy guns taken away by the government.

Police recovered a trove of rifles and neo-Nazi literature from Rockhill’s home during his arrest in May after authorities noticed his distinctive tattoos and a license plate belonging to the 35-year-old in surveillance footage.

The guns will remain in the possession of the Portland Police Bureau while Rockhill serves two years of probation, according to court documents.

Source: Oregon Live. “Members of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team and Portland police investigators seized rifles, guns and Neo-Nazi material from the home of Jarl Rockhill.”

The press say “Neo-Nazi” when clearly he is a Nazi. His arrest is related to his use of speech intended to harm.

Jarl J. Rockhill admitted to affixing the sticker, which showed a male figure making a Nazi salute above the word “pure,” to a fence at the Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization on Northeast Glisan Street on April 23.

Pure hate. I’m surprised his sticker didn’t say America First.

Source: Dr. Seuss

The language of the judge is interesting because it orders the man to learn quickly about real history and submit proof of understanding as if an antidote to decades of swallowing white insecurity propaganda.

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