TX Tesla Kills Two by Crashing Into Hospital Wall

This news reads like another case of unintended acceleration.

…Tuesday at about 9:30 a.m. in the parking garage of the Methodist Hospital at 17201 North Freeway S.

The crash happened when a red Tesla was driving westbound through the parking lot. Authorities said the driver was going at a high rate of speed and hit a concrete wall.

The parking lot crash was of course next to the emergency room, but victims were sent to another location.

Think about the absurdly fast 0-60 performance of the Tesla when it’s combined with a significant design flaw. Most everyday drivers, let alone the octogenarians in this tragedy, don’t have the reaction speed required to prevent a Tesla-related tragedy.

The two victims were sent to another hospital ten minutes away (Memorial Herman Hospital of The Woodlands) where less than an hour later they succumbed to their injuries.

Tesla must be the first production car brand in history to so violently kill two people in a parking lot right outside hospital emergency rooms.

One thought on “TX Tesla Kills Two by Crashing Into Hospital Wall”

  1. It’s likely they bought Tesla thinking it was safe and kept ignoring all the warnings, harder and harder to do, wondering why the car was killing everyone else and not them yet. It’s not that uncommon

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