Putin Rewards the Execution of Russian Women

Apparently Russia has not only made it legal for men to execute women, forgiving debts and penalties, it now comes with a job offer.

The investigation of Pekhteleva’s murder lasted nearly 22 months. In July 2022, Kanyus was sentenced to 17 years in a penal colony and ordered to pay the family of his victim some $45,000 in compensation. But less than a year later, in April 2023, Pekhteleva’s parents, Oksana and Yevgeny Pekhtelev, saw his photograph on social media: The man who had tortured and slowly murdered their daughter stood with a group of soldiers, wearing a military uniform and holding a machine gun.


Human-rights defenders point to systemic damage to justice and law enforcement. “This is a new level of catastrophe, the final end of judicial law,” Alexander Cherkasov, who works for the human-rights group Memorial, told me. “All these murderers went to prison after investigators investigated, prosecutors accused, judges sentenced—all of that law-enforcement work is now meaningless.”

After briefly working for the military, tens of thousands of convicted murderers are being released back into Russia where they commit new violence against women.

“Indeed, there is recidivism,” Putin admitted of the returning convicts back in June.

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