Cybertruck Gets CyberSTUCK in Snow

Do you remember this “capability” hoopla posted online by the fraud department of Tesla?

Source: Tesla

ALL CAPS IS VERY LOUD. Notably it doesn’t say anything about the tires.

So people are expected to actually drive the silly Cybertruck?

Like drive one in the real world?

Ok, let’s see what’s being reported… @ramseyackad on Facebook just posted this video (which he credits to an unapologetic right-wing extremist account @6sixmiked) for all to see:

Behold! A true truck!😂 My buddy @6sixmiked caught this CyberJunk slippin. “I’ll call Elon, he’ll get you out”😆 Don’t get me started on this🙄 What do you think?👇🏽

GO ANYWHERE. TACKLE ANYTHING. Except snow in a driveway.

It reminds me of the days of 1999 when British Rail said trains were getting stuck because engineers weren’t prepared for the “wrong type of snow“.

Many are saying the Cybertruck has the wrong type of travel? No. Clearance? No… wait for it… TIRES.

Yeah, go ahead and change those “M+S” (Mud and Snow) tires to something else, as if you didn’t think of that when you saw a forecast for snow and looked at the tread pattern. I’ll wait.

Tesla Cybertruck tires are marked “M+S” to denote mud and snow. Source: Reddit

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