Tesla Cybertruck Can’t Handle Rain: Immediately Damaged by Water

A brand new Cybertruck showing moisture decay gets put out with the other garbage in the East Bay
Here is yet more proof that some old white guy high on drugs shooting at his own car in the desert shouldn’t be the one making actual real world product engineering decisions let alone PR claims about “survivability“.

The member wrote: “The advisor specifically mentioned the Cybertrucks develop orange rust marks in the rain and that required the vehicle to be buffed out. … [He] also shared photos of small orange specs of rust on the stainless-steel body, which they claim were taken after a “dish soap wash.”

Can’t get it wet?

Rain degrades the shell?

Have to regularly buff and buff, and buff some more, to prevent rapid deterioration after exposure to moisture?

It’s impossible to put less thought into this vehicle. A baby chimpanzee could probably deliver a more “survivable” design by randomly pushing buttons on a keyboard.

This corrosion problem seems like the very basic kind of stuff the British famously figured out by the 1800s. Somehow Tesla is caught off guard over two centuries later, to the point that owners have to publicly and loudly grouse about rust spots just days after getting delivery of a new car.

Let me put it like this. If Elon Musk had built ships for the British in 1800, they’d all be speaking French today. Tesla peddles fraud, the opposite of survivable.

One thought on “Tesla Cybertruck Can’t Handle Rain: Immediately Damaged by Water”

  1. Refraining from criticizing Elon Musk is no longer acceptable. By staying silent, we essentially become complicit in allowing him to continue actions that result in harm, potentially costing innocent lives. He even boasts about getting people killed. Musk’s bogus foray into space exploration and waste reduction are beyond being curious disasters and becoming dangerous to society. It’s crucial to hold him accountable for the ballooning missed deadlines, mistakes and widespread racism and unethical practices. Remaining silent only perpetuates the problem and undermines the importance of ethical oversight and accountability for this wannabe white supremacist tinpot who fled the fall of 1988 Apartheid South Africa to ruin the world instead.

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