Taiwan Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Crash Off Overpass

Another Tesla case of sudden loss of control.

One man died, and another was injured, after the driver of a Tesla lost control of his vehicle, smashed through a guardrail, and plunged 6.5 meters off a bridge in Yunlin County, yesterday, June 6.

Yunlin County Fire Department received reports of an accident in the southbound lanes of Highway 1 in Huwei Township at 9:12 pm.

One thought on “Taiwan Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Crash Off Overpass”

  1. I know the spread sheet exists but are all these “veered” related accidents the result of using FSD? How can people trust a car to drive itself? I don’t understand. Are the Teslas veering off course even when being driven; I mean does the car steering override the driver? How can so many people be ignorant or gullible enough to believe that FSD exists in a Tesla?

    I have a new 2024 BMW with the assisted driving package. When I have it on, I can feel it steering into curves and a few other circumstances but I’m still driving the car – my hands are on the steering wheel at all times. The car doesn’t prevent me from steering myself through a curve even when it seems to take over a bit. It’s just what it says – assisted. At no time have I seen BMW claim they have a FSD function and this seems as good as or better than Tesla.

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