Tesla ChipGate: Shell Game With NVidia Sends Auditors Scrambling to Follow Cashflow

Several people have asked me to comment on the financial shenanigans behind the news about Tesla chip orders ($500 million in H100) being redirected to another company instead.

…Musk presented an exaggerated picture of Tesla’s procurement to shareholders. Correspondence from Nvidia staffers also indicates that Musk diverted a sizable shipment of AI processors that had been reserved for Tesla to his social media company formerly known as Twitter.

As far as I can see these chips are being transfered to a xTwitter balance sheet that just raised $6B in foreign investment (Saudis? Chinese? Russians? Oracle?).

…a $6 billion financing round led by many of the same investors who funded Musk’s Twitter takeover. The company was incorporated in March 2023, but Tesla didn’t disclose its formation at the time…

“The company” refers to a team of people inside xTwitter who were tasked with the setup of up an extremist right wing propaganda LLM running on Oracle. So xTwitter was given billions from Oracle to incorporate a company that gives cash to Tesla for chips that run on Oracle?

Tesla allegedly said to investors it needs these chips to make its cars less deadly, but presently can’t pay for them because of sales massively collapsing and a cash crunch.

In Germany, where they built a giant environmental disaster plant that has to be shut down, Tesla recorded the steepest sales decline of any brand in May plummeting 64% year-over-year. Year-to-date they fell 41.4%, while other brands were seeing increases. Meanwhile the Tesla CEO has been threatening to quit the company if he is not given enough control to overrule everyone.

NVidia chips thus were redirected straight to xTwitter, where they get booked as a (highly inflated) cash purchase from Tesla.

Boom, Tesla just became a rent seeking NVidia front as boatloads (over $500 million) of dubious cash gets laundered through xTwitter. Does it also get these chips? Maybe xTwitter next bills Tesla for chip use on Oracle, making a self-dealing cash flow reverse whenever convenient.

Since Tesla setup 90 day terms with Nvidia on tens of thousands of chips, there isn’t even a cost to offset for a few minutes.

It’s all magic money fraud games, that I’m sure many others can see as clear or more clearly.

Who remembers money disappeared into solar roof tiles, or fast swap car batteries, or bogus revenues…?

Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

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