Elon Musk Parrots Nazi Doctrine to Corrupt His Investors

Here’s Elon Musk saying who he will allow to have any authority, to judge him.

If somebody doesn’t believe Tesla is going to solve autonomy, I think they should not be an investor in the company.

He is proclaiming a belief based dictatorship, not based in law and order let alone scientific thought.

Investors are warned to recognize his will or get out, regardless of any reality or fundamentals of math.

And here is Nazi doctrine of 1934.

If you cannot recognise the will of the Fuhrer as a source of law, then you cannot remain a judge

Over 16,000 “non-believing” Germans were then executed by guillotine right after Hitler said he would never use one.

Amon Goeth, like Elon Musk, found cause for anger everywhere he looked and eliminated anyone who dared to make any sense.

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