Who Will be the Harry Markopolos of Tesla?

Harry mathematically proved that Bernie Madoff was a fraud, and repeatedly delivered the proof to the SEC until they finally did something.

The clock ticks far too long on Tesla. Why isn’t Elon Musk going to jail? Who will be the Harry Markopolos of today?

For just one out of hundreds of examples, ZEV credits were based on range so Tesla lied egregiously about theirs. This intentionally engineered fraud soaked up billions of unearned credits, and then customers realized only too late that they had paid into a scam. Tesla could owe the U.S. government return of those bilked billions.

Meanwhile Tesla is trying to claim that when it miscalculates, such as severance to the staff that it laid off, it will sue the unemployed for every single penny.

Coffeezilla, where are you? You covered the X token already. Remember X token?

One thought on “Who Will be the Harry Markopolos of Tesla?”

  1. “Why isn’t Elon Musk going to jail?” Pfffft!
    I’d be surprised if Elon ever got any jail or prison time even though it’s warranted. It surprised me when Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to prison time. Musk has perpetrated numerous frauds; too numerous for me to keep count. It’s not just Tesla but also Space X (stupid starship), Hyperloop, Las Vegas Loop, Solar City, Optimus (what a joke), neuralink and others.

    Hopefully, he and his cronies will eventually be brought to justice but I have my doubts. Money is power and he’ll probably always have money somewhere even if Tesla folds and/or goes bankrupt.

    Can you even fathom someone like Cathie Wood saying Tesla will be worth 2600/share by 2029? Is she a moron or what?

    Anyway, I should refrain from name calling but it seems to me the number of morons is increasing exponentially.

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