Rain Kills Tesla Cybertruck: Over Three Hours Stuck, Waiting for Fair Weather

Just more of the usual news about the “extreme survivability” design of the Cybertruck failing to handle basic weather.

One owner in Florida said a downpour occurred shortly after picking up his truck last week. Of course, the wiper didn’t work, so he resorted to waiting at a local Dunkin’ Donuts until the rain passed—for three-and-a-half hours. That’s a lot of Munchkins and mocha. Roadside assistance transferred him to the service center, which gave him a multi-week timeframe. In the meantime, Rain-X and driving with his head out of the window has been his recourse.

Sitting duck for over three hours. Or the window has to be rolled down on an “extreme survivability” truck with the owner’s head sticking out?

This window?

Ford demonstrates their Pinto safety design

Armored window failures were foreshadowing.

As a result of this rapidly growing rain design failure, according to a slew of customers loudly complaining with online forums, all Cybertruck orders were abruptly shutdown last Friday with indefinite delays or no explanations at all.

Tesla’s auto wipers are known to start when they shouldn’t and don’t start when they should. The Cybertruck’s wipers were doing that, but they were also starting and stopping at the bottom rather than at the top position and just staying there.

Because of drops of water, no “survivability” trucks are being delivered.

The Tesla engineering team literally doesn’t understand weather.

The Cybertruck design flaw is so awful, so intentionally broken, that the manual apparently tells new owners to expect not to be able to see the road for 30 seconds while driving.

Quick math on back of napkin… a mile every minute means going 88 feet/second; driving 60 mph in rain for 30 seconds is 2,640ft — half-a-mile blind.

Is it a joke? Tesla clearly says that they have delivered owners no visibility for 30 seconds “while driving in the rain”, by design.

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