Tesla Cybertruck Bed Advertised as 6′ in Reality is Only 4’11”

The clown car company called Tesla continues to prove that an obnoxiously-hyped attention-seeking style of technology management results only in… fraud, such as this “Edsel Aztek” bed size discrepancy.

It’s all because of the way Tesla designed the rear bulkhead of the truck’s cabin. It cuts into the bed length the higher you go up. That’s not a good piece of engineering, man. […] That’s right. If the object you intend to carry is over 30” tall, it can only be 4” 11” because it no longer fits in the bed with the tailgate up. For reference, the Ford Maverick – the smallest truck on sale today in the U.S. – has a bed length only five inches shorter than that…

Beware the Tesla marketing, as 6′ actually means under 5′

Imagine working on the team that was advertised as engineering a truck bed 6′ long yet couldn’t even deliver 5′ to production.

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