Display Botnets with Google Maps

I was testing my French a bit by following the instructions of Cartographier un botnet via GoogleMaps, found on the Orange Business Services le blog Sécurité.

Most of it is fairly straightforward. The goal is to convert IPs to a geographic chart, handy for my upcoming presentations. It should look something like this:

I had a little trouble with a few phrases, like here:

Script de géolocalisation et génération d’un fichier XML en sortie
Maintenant ça ne rigole plus : On rentre dans le cœur du sujet. Le script python va tout d’abord ouvrir le fichier texte contenant les adresses IP et va créer une table avec toutes les adresses IP, en prenant soin d’enlever celles qui sont éventuellement en double.

“Now the laughing ends : as we get to the heart of things”? Not sure I have that right, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. The technical details are clear enough. And after a while, it felt like I was catching on; it started to look just like English.

A vous de vous débrouiller sur ce coup là. Perso, sous un Linux Ubuntu c’était “finger in the noze”.

Oh, that IS English.

Sometimes when I use Ubuntu, it’s like finger in the nose. Yes, I know exactly what they mean. Apple’s OSX is more like finger in the eye and Windows…well, let’s just not talk about that, especially in French.

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