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Deep Thoughts on Convergence

A security expert asked me last night what I thought of Moxie Marlinspike’s Convergence, which aims to remove the need to rely on a Certificate Authority. It uses the phrase “choose who you trust”, for example, in its marketing.

I admit I was a bit facetious in my retort but I had to ask “why should I trust Moxie, is he claiming to be some kind of authority?” Get it?

Indeed, I recommend to everyone that they wait until their peers adopt it because they should choose who to trust with caution. I certainly wouldn’t trust an authority on not trusting authority, would I?

I also noted this phrase in their marketing.

The ability to easily choose who you trust, & revise that decision at any time.

…because trust is all about being able to quickly reverse your decisions about trust. Trust me on this one. No don’t. Yes, trust me. No don’t…

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