Libya Internet Link Cut

At the RSA conference I ran into a Renesys speaker and he introduced himself to me as “we’re the company that broke the Egypt story on the Internet cut”. I asked whether Bahrain would go the same way. He skipped right past the prediction and instead said “It’s not the same right now, not at all. All their routes remain online and stable despite traffic fluctuation.” Of course I can respect this — it is much safer to report current events than predict new ones. Libya, for example

Renesys confirms that the 13 globally routed Libyan network prefixes were withdrawn at 23:18 GMT (Friday night, just after midnight Saturday local time), and Libya is off the Internet. […] We wondered whether anyone would repeat Egypt’s strategy. Tonight, it appears that we have our answer.

Yes, we do. Bahrain still is able to directly upload video.

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