Airport security flour arrest leads to civil rights suit

Well, as someone just asked me, the big question is did she use “self-rising” flour?

Reuters reports on a strange case of airport security and false positives:

A U.S. college student imprisoned for three weeks for trying to take flour-filled condoms onto an airplane has settled her lawsuit against Philadelphia for $180,000, a city spokesman said on Friday.

Janet Lee, 21, a student at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport in 2003 after police and security officials thought the flour was an illegal drug.

Three weeks? Ok, I have to ask, how long does it take security experts to figure out what’s in a condom? Can you imagine if it took three weeks for email to clear your spam filters?

Depending on the type of grain involved, I guess you might be able to say the TSA went awry…

Flour power? Ok, enough puns for one day.

2 thoughts on “Airport security flour arrest leads to civil rights suit”

  1. Actually, this seems like a great way to pick up a little extra cash. Even more lucrative than drug-running. A couple bucks for condoms, a few cents for flour, 3 weeks = $180,000. I’d like to be making over $200K a month!

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