Ford Motor Breach

Another big “small” breach is announced:

“Ford Motor Co. informed about 70,000 active and former white-collar employees that a computer with company data, including social security numbers, was stolen from a Ford facility.”

These “smaller” breaches (compared to the hundreds of thousands or even millions of records lost by financial institutions, etc.) are especially worrying because of ID Analytics’ statement that the lesser numbers indicate a higher percentage will be used for fraud.

One thought on “Ford Motor Breach”

  1. Often it is easier to “copy” the data instead of “stealing” it; stealing sort of implies the data is no longer available to the owner. Nearly all of the news of data theft involves something physically being taken: disk, laptop, UPS delivery, etc. These are basically the really sexy stories.

    Makes me wonder if there isn’t a whole bunch more of these ‘theft by copy’ crimes going on than is being reported.

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