Chicago legalizes foie gras

The big news in the windy city is that a 2006 ban of foie gras has been lobbied into oblivion. Some restaurants found it hard to comply:

Mr Durand acknowledged that his restaurant had been a “duckeasy”, getting round the ban by serving foie gras for free.[…] Doug Sohn, the owner of Hot Doug’s “sausage superstore and encased meat emporium” and recipient of a $250 (£129) fine for serving foie gras last year, said he was happy about the decision.

Apparently demand was not enough for $250 foie gras, as that would also have been a way to get around the issue — incorporate the fee into the cost to consumer. Why the fascination with serving foie gras and why do restaurants consider it such an important issue? Surely there are more important issues for them to deal with.

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