Penguin fights Sea Lion

The Discovery Channel has posted some teaser videos of Gentoo penguins from a program about to air. I see only 150 or so views so far but that surely will change. The imagery is fantastic:

…portrait of our earth’s polar regions. Frozen Planet premieres on Discovery Channel on Sunday, March 18, at 8PM e/p

They use a simple formula to help humans see the beauty of nature. First they frame a scary predator lurking nearby:

Then they set-up an underdog scene. Go penguin go! Fly away! It’s gaining on you…

I won’t spoil the outcome but suffice it to say that the program talks about swimming and running instead of how fast penguins can fly when they are in the water. They stay in the human/outsider perspective and emphasise mostly what can be seen in the air.

Here’s the clip:

A similar clip from the program tries to frame penguins in terms of fraud. It’s an amusing story but as long as they stay in the outsider mindset it could have been even better if they had made references to the stock market, or at least the real estate crisis.

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