SF Bike Theft Workshop

Although the title suggests you could learn how to steal a bike, the workshop is actually meant to be the opposite. Then again, there’s nothing to say attendees will not be looking for new and better ways to steal bikes.

The San Francisco Police Department is hosting a forum to explain their position on a growing problem of bike theft in the city.

Thursday, Mar. 29
Community Room
Mission Police Station
Valencia St at 17th Street

SF Police Department & SF Bicycle Coalition Bike Theft Workshop: Join the SF Police Department and SF Bicycle Coalition for a conversation and workshop on bike theft in the city — hear from the San Francisco Police Department on what they’re doing to fight bike theft and investigate and prevent it. Learn the most effective locking techniques, tips to avoid losing your two-wheeled treasure, see demonstrations of hardware and registration services and find out how to maximize your odds and help the police fight back.

They undoubtedly have not coordinated the meeting with a local lockpick club, or even a locksmith, to demonstrate how weak bike locks are. That would make for a far more interesting meeting.

Here’s an infographic of bike theft in the Bay Area by @clubantietam, based on Craigslist bike listings with the word “stolen”.

Bike Theft Map

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