Twitter’s “X” Design Based on Nazi Swastika

People have asked me lately if I’ve seen news footage of the giant symbol erected haphazardly atop Twitter headquarters in SF. Yes, yes, I tell them. I sometimes watch it getting destroyed by the U.S. Army just to cheer me up.

Oh, they say they did Nazi that coming.

Twitter’s ‘X’ sign is taken down in San Francisco after neighbors filed 24 complaints

Twitter’s Erector-Swastika Source: Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images

Why do I wish they had filed 88 complaints? But seriously, let’s talk about the “X” for a minute.

Anyone who knows basic Nazi history can attest that the antisemitic use of a swastika started in the late 1800s with an “X” design. Elon Musk saying he is obsessed with such an “X” is very, very similar to a certain group of Swedes, Poles, Romanians, Finns, Germans… saying they used the swastika as an innocent “good luck charm“.

The basis of the Nazi Swastika is this “X” decoration unearthed 1871 by a German archaeologist. Source: Smithsonian

It was only meant as “good luck” to the Aryans who thought it would bring them victory in an existential fight to the death with the “unlucky” (non-swastika) races they hated and wanted to exterminate. That’s what “lucky” meant in swastika terms.

Perhaps even more to the point, the above exploding swastika is from Nazi party rally grounds. Do you know the peculiar and specific phrase that commonly was associated with it?

Do you?


…the [new swastika app] tagline reads either like a desperate admission or an embarrassing troll. It references a colloquialism…that valorizes a spectacular but premature death.

The slogan promoted by Twitter today seems quite familiar, given Nazi history.

A light-touch booklet originally released by Imperial War Museum (UK), then republished by Ballentine (US) in 1971. Considered a collectible by Nazi supporters.


Twitter is banging a big Nazi drum, arguably the biggest since ’45. Can you hear it?

…death resulting from choosing to fight back against overwhelming enemy force rather than surrender; to choose to receive unilateral deadly force in conflict rather than end the conflict…

WWII was basically over in 1942.

The extremist and arrogant Germans were toast, yet they used the next three years for self-harm, notably genocide based on racism.

…it was difficult to go to work, knowing [staff working for Elon Musk] would face racist slurs, references to slavery and offensive graffiti for 12 hours at a time. He said he made a verbal complaint to human resources in late 2021, but never heard back and nothing changed.

Hitler never changed.

We’ve talked about the symbol, we’ve talked about the phrase. But wait, there’s more when we look at the app.

Source: Lewyn, B. S. (2001). Holocaust Memoirs. Page 285

That sounds like Twitter’s “blaze” strategy, to attract kids with an app they can use to harm others in a mad rush towards the “extreme freedom” of hitting bottom.

The British soldiers said that God and Chocolate is what melted a Nazi child’s cold coal heart full of false fears and nightmares. Such stupid orientation of kids towards mass suicide was the result of disinformation, the kind of thing Twitter’s app is known for, right?

Speaking of running out of chocolate, consider how the Nazis tried to control all aspects of life through an “everything” synchronization plan.

The Nazi Party came to power in 1933 and quickly began trying to control all aspects of society. This internal consolidation of power to remake Germany as a Nazi state was known as Gleichschaltung. The term is a German word that means “coordination” or “synchronization.” Under Gleichschaltung, German political, social, and cultural life were rearranged to serve Nazi goals.

While Twitter has fashioned an obnoxious “X” symbol different yet similar to Hitler’s adaptations of the same symbolism, they also just invoked the Nazi concept of Gleichschaltung.

New CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted that X would be “centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking,” a step toward Musk’s vision of creating the “everything app”…

A proprietary, centrally planned and controlled app (Gleichschaltung) to control all aspects of life (serving Twitter’s goals) is a terrible, terrible idea from a terrible human who wants to repeat the worst mistakes in history.

Symbol, phrase, app… I could go on.

But let’s be honest and just admit this is all about some very misguided people hoping to bring Nazism back without resistance.

…Twitter has threatened to sue a group of independent researchers whose research documented an increase in hate speech on the site since it was purchased last year by Elon Musk.

Another repeat. Did Hitler sue people in court for reporting a rise of hate speech? Yes, sued them in a rushed Kangaroo court and then beheaded them.

Nazis really hate being called out for being Nazis.

Here, watch this again to cheer yourself up. Works for me.


What Isn’t a Swastika?

Update September 2023:

Now people are writing me to say the “X” brand CEO from his bed made by Saudi Arabia is giving obnoxious hateful anti-Semitic rants. Yeah, so anyone think maybe the Nazi logo, tagline and app weren’t enough evidence? I mean what’s next, SpaceX makes unhinged claims to be saving the world from war by engaging in it?

The latest news has people asking yet again when he will be stopped.

Elon Musk has admitted that his refusal to grant Ukraine permission to use his Starlink satellite network was an attempt to prevent a drone attack on a Russian naval fleet…. Having apparently spoken to the Russian ambassador to the United States – who is reported to have told him that an attack on Crimea would trigger a nuclear response – Musk is then said to have ordered his engineers to turn off Starlink coverage “within 100km of the Crimean coast”.

Elon Musk was actively defending the Russian fleet (likely due to insistence of the Chinese government) with lies about escalation risk. Meanwhile U.S. policy clearly has been to destroy military equipment used for firing missiles into civilian areas of Ukrainian cities. Remember how in April 2022 “U.S. intel helped Ukraine sink Russian flagship Moskva“?

Destroying the flagship should have cascaded into sinking far more ships. Instead, SpaceX self-admittedly interfered by helping Russian officials protect their warships in order to keep firing missiles at schools and hospitals. Odessa’s infrastructure used in grain and agricultural exports, for example, were under attack by this Russian fleet and impacting a lot of the world. Musk’s interference to keep the attacks coming, while ignoring every and all other military use of communication, exposes him as having very political intent.

Some see this at Logan Act levels of traitor-ship. It does remind me of the Chennault Affair, when Nixon went to Vietnam to keep the war going longer and kill more Americans.

The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953) is old and obscure. It was enacted by President Adams in 1799 very soon after George Logan, a doctor from Philadelphia, had setup meetings in Paris to “usurp the Executive authority” intending to influence France and defeat U.S. foreign policy objectives.

To obtain a Logan Act conviction, a prosecutor would need to show that the defendant sought to influence a foreign government with respect to a discrete “dispute” or “controversy” with the United States or would need to identify a “measure of the United States” that the defendant sought to “defeat.” …if the law is ever used, we suspect it will be used against the narrow class of people who are capable of causing serious damage to U.S. foreign policy.

It is almost never enforced but that should probably change now. Just think how it would have kept Nixon out of office.

2 thoughts on “Twitter’s “X” Design Based on Nazi Swastika”

  1. I am an old man now, and I totally agree with everything you presented. So well fashioned. I thought the same thing. Because I read history books, I can see the present trend of society. Musk is dangerous….

  2. I believe the Republican Nazi Party is a danger to society because they have access to near unlimited funds from billionaires who support them.

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