Bicycle Power

Bicycle advocates keep coming up with creative ways to show the virtues of two wheeled transportation. Here’s a nice video from Africa:

As I’ve mentioned before here, here and here the concept is inexpensive, resilient, convenient, efficient…what’s not to like? My only complaint with the video is how little it emphasizes the opportunity for innovation in safety for the riders. I had a similar issue with the South Sudan study of two-wheeled ambulances.

I guess highlighting safety features on two-wheels in Africa is about as likely as mentioning seat belts in a video about the uber-functional and fun Fiat Panda. I’ve driven a Panda under water in rivers and up the steepest slippery slopes with no problem. No wonder the police in the Alps are known to use a Panda to chase suspects. Hmm, somehow that sounds wrong… It is a brilliant design that has been proven in Africa but you just know a video of it wouldn’t highlight the safety features.

Incidentally, speaking of Fiat did you know the new Jeep will be based on the Panda? I never thought I’d see the day when 4×4 products in the U.S. would be designed by Europeans based on a market study of Africa. Then again, I didn’t expect Americans in 4×4 to adopt piercings, tattoos and scarification as beautification. Are bicycles the next rural adaptation in America to follow African trends? Stranger things have already happened.

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