12 Best Foods

I find the “12 Best” list a bit odd.

First of all, my diet’s gravitated towards this list naturally. Does that mean I share taste preferences or even a common upbringing with the author, or that there really might be something to the list?

Second, hello, what about cheese, pickles, kraut and peanut butter?!

» Black Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Chocolate
» Oats, Onions, Salmon
» Soy
» Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes
» Walnuts

Fish and chips are strangely absent as well.

Third, something tells me that a six pack of Fat Tire might have been 13th and thus barely cut from the list. Why twelve? Wait, is beer considered food?

Fourth, how many things can you indulge in if they are only loosely tied to one of the twelve? Does my favorite salmon with pepper, cream and whiskey recipe fit the plan? Slather fresh salmon steak with dijon mustard, coat with cracked pepper-corns, heat in butter. After a few minutes pour in heavy cream and a “little” whiskey…toss on a couple chopped scalions and mmmmm. The salmon’s almost just a convenient excuse just to eat hot cream with peppered whiskey for dinner.

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