InfoSec a hot US political topic in 2006

According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center, nine US bills are pending that are related to information/data/privacy security:

  1. HR. 3140 Consumer Data Security and Notification Act (Bean)
  2. S. 1789 Personal Data Privacy and Security Act (Specter)
  3. S. 751 Notification of Risk to Personal Data Act (Feinstein)
  4. HR. 1069 Notification of Risk to Personal Data Act (Bean)
  5. S. 500 Information Protection and Security Act (Nelson)
  6. S. 768 Comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention Act (Schumer)
  7. S. 1336 Consumer Identity Protection Act (Pryor)
  8. S. 1408 Identity Theft Protection Act (Smith)
  9. HR. 1745 Social Security Number Privacy and Identity Theft Prevention Act (Shaw)

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