SEAL on Trial for War Crimes

The latest testimony against a US Navy SEAL, by his own team, includes this harrowing explanation of field risk management

…Gallagher [a veteran of eight deployments] repeatedly fired his weapons, even into crowds, during the platoon’s 2017 deployment.

But several SEALs relayed that the chief often missed, due in part to a poorly-maintained rifle, and they stopped short of telling Gallagher because he wasn’t striking his targets because they “thought it was one way to protect” the civilians

The SEAL chief now faces over a dozen criminal counts, including premeditated murder.

When Iraqi forces brought his team an alleged ISIS fighter for medical care in 2017, Gallagher supposedly stabbed the man to death, in front of medical team, and then posed for digital evidence to be recorded of his actions. The testimony also describes several other incidents including two where he allegedly killed civilians with his poorly-maintained rifle.

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