Militarized AR: What Would Kelly’s Heroes Do?

Can’t lie, that scene in Kelly’s Heroes where Oddball talks about firing red paint (foreshadowing a battle later) had me laughing for days.

As we shift into militarized AR, I was reminded of Oddball’s red paint shells and altering enemy mindsets.

Once outfitted with the technology, service leaders headed through the woods and into a building on a mission to test out the IVAS HUD’s ability to recognise and register faces, pull up maps, and translate foreign characters. Leaders also demoed the integration of the Family of Weapon Sights – Individual (FWS-I) – a thermal sensor mounted on M4 Carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon that provides users with infrared imagery in all weather and lightning conditions – into the IVAS HUD when they faced ‘enemy combatants’.

Imagine Kelly’s Heroes talking today about a AR hack that made hostile forces see teddy bears coming at them…it must be way past time for a remake of that classic movie.

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