Poetry by Яolcats

These poems haven’t been updated for years, so Яolcats’ English Translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats are starting to look like classics:

-The air is crisp, like fresh spring leaves.

-Do you know the time in Zurich?

-It is you! no one believed you would survive.

-We have little time, you must get these microfiche of the sub plans to Moscow

Very funny.

And now for an actual translation of the Russian phrases:

я по глазам твоим всё вижу: // I see everything in your eyes:
Расстерян. Выкинули что ль? // Distraught. Do you feel loss?
Иди ко мне,-я не обижу. // Come to me, I will not hurt.
Разделим холод,голод,боль… // Share the cold, hunger, pain…

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