Infotagion Episode 22: Inrupt

Infotagion has been created in response to the information contagion about COVID-19. In a public health crisis the disinformation we see everyday about this deadly virus can spread just as far and fast as the real thing.

I was interviewed by Damian Collins, member of UK Parliament, for the Infotagion Podcast

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, it was intended for everyone. Now it is dominated by a few tech companies who have accumulated huge amounts of data on its users. So Tim decided to make a change. He launched Solid, an open source platform, built to decentralise the web and give citizens more power over their data. Alongside this, a new business called Inrupt was created to design and deliver new services from this technology. VP for Trust and Digital Ethics at Inrupt, Davi Ottenheimer, joins Damian Collins this week. Dr Charles Kriel unpacks the new Twitter-like platform for conservatives, Parler.

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