ID fines for “mistakes”

The UK is trying to pass a law that would issue a £1,000 fine for IDs with inaccurate information

Women who change their name after marriage could face fines of up to £1,000 if they fail to tell the government, under new proposals.

Anyone with a biometric passport or ID card will be required to notify the National Identity Register of changes to the personal data it holds.

On the other hand, clearly there are situations where a single card may not be able to reflect concrete information:

And people undergoing a sex change will be entitled to two ID cards.

Can a person with two homes get two cards? You might laugh, but there are cases being considered where “moving around” is acceptable for a home address:

Homeless people wanting ID cards may be able to give their home address as a bench, bus stop or park where they are often found.

A whole park? What if they just list the neighborhood or city? I am often found in Washington DC…

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