That Day Facebook Tanks Rolled Onto Our Lawn

Sometimes I check myself and wonder if my criticism has been too harsh of security operations at Facebook since 2014. I had direct sources and knew the actors personally, so I have to expect some of that insider information is useful yet not all.

Then I see my positioning has been right on point when I read articles like this one in the Guardian.

“We served the warrant on Cambridge Analytica at 11 o’clock at night,” she added. “When we heard that Facebook was going in on its own to audit Cambridge Analytica, we had to act very quickly to get their tanks off our lawn. It was inappropriate for Facebook, because they were involved in the misuse of data, for them to be auditing before a public authority got in there.”

Facebook tanks on the public lawn. Couldn’t have said it better.

Thus it continues to be clear to me, and the evidence mounts in support, how Facebook management knowingly operated its “security” team in a manner hostile/opposite to democracy and humanitarianism.

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