Harvard’s Mandatory Course on Race and Racism in America

Is it unethical and irresponsible to train public leaders without requiring a course on how race and power work?


Is the Stanford University able to overcome their racist and genocidal namesake by just starting a mandatory course on race, power, and business.


Harvard Kennedy School, however, is in a better place today with a new mandatory course “Race and Racism in the Making of the United States as a Global Power

Students learn the central role race and racism play in business and wealth creation, social institutions, and public policy, drawing from Indigenous history from the legacy of slavery to contemporary systemic inequalities in justice and economic opportunity.

[It was wrong] to hand over Master of Public Policy degrees to people who were no smarter in many cases in understanding how the real world works with racism and power … the day they leave the School than the day they arrived.

I’ll always go back to asking questions about Harvard graduates like the infamous modern politician Kobach, whose degree was based on a repugnant and obviously false thesis that apartheid is good for business. So this is a very welcome step from Harvard that may help avoid graduating another Kobach.

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