Was Haiti Assassination Inspired by American History of Domestic Coups?

A Florida man in bankruptcy, promoting instant wealth from oil exploration as a cure, is alleged to have “masterminded” torture and assassination of Haitian president.

National Police Chief Leon Charles told a news conference on Sunday that the arrested man, 63-year-old Christian Emmanuel Sanon, flew to Haiti accompanied by hired security guards on a private jet in early June, and wanted to take over as president.

If the scheme sounds familiar, it’s because “Moscow’s geopolitical moves are driving murderous private actors.”

Whoops, sorry, I meant to say it sounds a lot like the failed January 6th insurrection (which follows a long line of domestic coups in America, not to mention the 1919 assassination of the Haitian leader by US Marines).

To put it another way, we know from historical documentation that mass political violence in Indonesia was credited by the perpetrators themselves to consuming fraudulent “strong man” narratives in America.

History seems to be repeating.

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