COVID-19 2021 Wave Mapped to 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act Votes

According to the “4th Wave” of COVID-19 infections seems to have a very particular acceleration path through specific parts of America.


The distribution of infections reminded me of maps of Americans voting for slavery in the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act.

Source: Search for “bleeding Kansas map”

I’ve written before here how 1873 Slaughterhouse cases explain resistance to wearing masks for COVID-19.

Perhaps now we see a degree of validation of this history lesson; areas historically where Americans objected to freedom (e.g. abolition 1854, vaccination 2021) are places Americans are most likely to have less freedom.

For all the hype about “anti-aging” drugs delivering freedom, a vaccine is the real deal. Source: FT

Speaking of 4th waves, the Modern War Institute at West Point wrote this on the topic of militant resistance to authority:

Since the 1930s, insurgency has evolved through three waves. Here’s what the fourth wave could look like, and why we aren’t prepared for it.

They are talking about Syria, when perhaps they should have been researching Arkansas.

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