Diesel wins Dakar Rally

It is no surprise to those familiar with new diesel engines that they are winning major motorsports events around the world. Audi has dominated the Le Mans in a diesel, and now VW has done the same for the Dakar Rally. Incidentally, this is the first Dakar victory for VW:

De Villiers and navigator Dirk von Zitzewitz of Germany in a Race Touareg finished 8 minutes 59 seconds ahead of fellow Volkswagen driver Mark Miller of the United States.

It was the first diesel-powered win in the event which was switched this year to Argentina and Chile after last year’s edition in Africa was called off amid security concerns.

There really is nothing left to criticize of diesel engines compared with gasoline. The diesel technology burns cleaner, with more performance and better efficiency. It is sad that so few people drive or even appreciate diesel in America.

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