Immigrant Gets Misdemeanor for Participating in US Coup

Fascinating development. Attacking the U.S. federal government to overthrow it… does not prevent citizenship path for immigrant.

Eliel Rosa, 53, avoided a felony, which would have threatened future citizenship by pleading to a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, Rosa and his wife fled political persecution in Brazil and arrived in the US in 2016. The couple was granted asylum in 2018 and they are currently pursuing US citizenship.

Rosa claimed to be a teacher of civics, while participating in a rejection of civics.

Rosa claimed to be seeking government aid, while participating in a rejection of government.

Sharp contrast for an immigrant to Texas who seems to be flaunting truth and morality, let alone the law, when compared with so many others unable to get entry into Texas.

Judge McFadden, who has refused to punish this criminal immigrant to Texas, is an appointee of the coup leader who hates immigrants.

Rosa also claims his family was persecuted for being evangelical Christian politicians… so affinity with coup leadership isn’t any mystery.

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary,” Rosa quoted Madison.

“I am definitely not an angel,” the defendant admitted.

He then said he was pleased he had the “ability to repent” for his wrongdoing pursuant to the Christian faith.

Note his pleasure directed towards an evangelical calling instead of rights and laws enshrined under the Constitution.

Indeed, Madison was wrong, begging what kind of civics this immigrant is teaching in Texas.

Just because you could get away with breaking the law doesn’t mean you’re entitled to morally.

Obviously Rosa should be expelled immediately, especially in context of how anti-immigrant the coup leaders claim they are.

Even his asylum claims sound bogus.

After the Civil War anti-American insurrectionists were officially invited by Brazil to immigrate where they could continue to expand slavery.

Source: The Guardian

Is it thus any surprise such descendants of insurrection would return to attempt again the overthrow of the U.S. government? What really compelled him to leave Brazil?

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