TSA to phase out liquid rules

Liquid rules. Get it? Only hard rules will remain. But seriously, even though this is old news, I am still annoyed that the TSA in Grand Junction, Colorado made me throw away my 5oz of toothpaste. I had traveled through many major airports without hassle, but Grand Junction clearly was on high alert and nabbed my tube. We should see the TSA relax rules this year:

New X-ray technology that can differentiate between “threat” liquids used in bombs and harmless liquids is on track to be deployed within a year, according to the TSA. These new X-Ray machines would allow the TSA to phase out its restrictions on carry-on liquids, first by increasing the quantity permitted and later by eliminating the need for passengers to remove their liquids to be X-rayed.

Thank you technology, but thank you especially to the voice of reason. The overreaction was stifling.

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